3 Things I Wish I Knew Before Moving to a New City

You may not know this about me just yet, but I have moved quite a few times in my day - six times to be exact. So you may be thinking “oh she has got this moving thing down,” well at least that’s what I was thinking and boy was I wrong. To provide some context, all of the moves I have been through have been a cakewalk compared to this past one. My childhood self sat in the front yard eating ice cream as the movers carried away pieces of my life one by one. It wasn’t until I decided to uproot myself and move to the lovely city of Atlanta that I relieved this may be a little harder than I originally anticipated. 

If you are moving or maybe thinking about a change of scenery, here are the three things I wish I knew before moving to a new city. 

Always Do Your Research

I am sure you are already hard at work doing all the research you can on your city of choice, but this step is one you definitely don’t want to forget. Even if you are familiar with your new city, you need to do as much research as you can.

  • What neighborhood is best for you?

  • How much is housing compared to where I live now?

  • What is around my ideal neighborhood? Any food options? (This one is always important 😉)

If you are not finding the answers you need on the web, maybe it is time to take a small trip. The best thing my partner and I did prior to our move was to visit Atlanta for a weekend. This gave us time to explore various areas we were interested in and look at a few housing options. We had our minds set on one thing and after our visit, we completely changed our plan of action. You never know you might do the same.

Really Think Through Which Moving Option is Best for You 

There are a ton of ways to get your stuff from point A to point B, but have you really taken the time to think through which one is best for you? How you move can be heavily dependent on budget, your physical capabilities and how much stuff you have. Some options for moving include:

  • Professional movers: It will take a lot of the stress off your plate. Just hand all the responsibility over to the people who do this stuff for a living. I recommend this option if you have more than two rooms worth of stuff, pods and trailers can end up costings around the same depending on how much you have.

  • Pods/U-box: Don’t feel comfortable with people handling all your goods, well there is a way to pack it yourself and forget about it. All you have to do it meet it on the other side.

  • Rent a truck/trailer: This option can be the most cost-effective in many ways, but if you are not up for packing and driving all your stuff for several hours I would stray away from this one. If you have a smaller sedan or mid-size SUV this may not be a possibility for you, make sure to double check the towing capacity of your vehicle prior.

For us it was a no brainer to go with a trailer attachment to make sure we stayed within our moving budget. There was a little bit more labor involved but I have to say it was nice to have everything right away rather than waiting for a delivery. 

Maybe It is Time to Downsize

The great part about moving is that it can be a great way to start over or even to just take a step back and refresh. By this I mean take a hard look at everything you have in your closet,  laying around the apartment, or even maybe some furniture you never really liked in the first place. 

Before I even thought about packing I took some time to sort through everything - there were shoes, dresses, heck even coloring books that had never even seen the light of day hanging out around my apartment. My partner and I decided since this was the start of our lives we were going to start completely fresh, that means a lot of new, plus if we made a few bucks off the stuff we sold and it made moving a little more cost effective. Of course, this may not be right for you, so take the time to look at what you have and consider what you want to keep.

Now it is your turn, don’t just read some helpful tips, but these bad boys to work. I am sure your are in the midst of doing all your moving research so take the plunge. Moving to see a new city was the best decision we made for the new year, so don’t hesitate. 

Do you have tips you want to share, leave them in the comments below? 

P.S. If you are looking for some living space inspiration, come back and check out what I have planned for our new space. You won’t want to miss it!

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