How to Travel to the Dominican Republic on a $1600 Budget for Two

Oh yes the beautiful Dominican Republic, how I wish I could be back on the beach squishing sand between my toes and sipping a delicious mojito. In the meantime, I will reminisce in the memories by sharing how my boyfriend and I  managed to score an all-inclusive vacation to Puerto Plata, DR. So why don’t we jump right in.

Where: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, 5-days

Total Costs: $1545

Accommodations: $395

Choosing the right accommodations was our saving grace. We went back and forth several times about whether we wanted to do something all-inclusive or just somewhere to sleep. After long discussions and hours of searching, we came to the conclusion we didn’t want to have to think about budgeting for food, transportation, and who knows what else while we were in a different country. All we wanted to do was relax for those 5 days. We found an great deal through Groupon.

Cofresi Palm Resort & Spa Resort, 4 Nights

Food and Drink are included

Travel: $850

Luckily my favorite, airline, and my boyfriends due to their assortment of snacks, Jetblue, offers some great deals to the Caribbean, just in time for our little getaway. We scored a great deal of some flights by  just simply searching through google flight.

Daily Activities $0

Although there were many activities to be enjoyed at the resort I think we spent most of the time sleeping in late, eating, and either lounging by the beach or the pool with a drink or two in hand. But if you are asking me I say that is a pretty solid way to spend some time in the sunshine, especially when you are trying to take your mind off the everlasting winter you have to go back to.

Things you don’t want to forget

Transportation: $100

Unfortunately, the resort did not offer transportation to and from the airport but that was no big deal. Depending on where you are able to find accommodations in the area a taxi can cost you anywhere between $40 - 50 one-way.

Shopping/Miscellaneous: $200

If you are someone who always needs a little memento from the places you visit, like me, you should definitely consider setting some budget aside for shopping or miscellaneous stuff you can’t plan for. I recommend doing a bit of research before you visit  to determine how much you may need, for us it wasn’t very much.

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