Girlfriend's Guide to San Francisco

I am mere days away from graduating and I don't think I am entirely ready. Instead of trying to figure out my life and what I will be doing post grad I decided to take a little trip - what better place than the "Golden State." 

Here is my guide to a weekend trip in San Francisco! WARNING: It is a lot of food.


The Sights


Golden Gate Bridge

Come one now I should even have to tell you this one, but I will. I am not easily impressed by major landmarks but this one with the scenery was just to nice to not take a picture of. 

Palace of Fine Arts

YES, Another pink palace! Need a new profile pic or instagram worthy photo this is the place to do it. You just can't go wrong.



Mission Dolores Park

Clearly the mission was my favorite area of SF.  It was a great place to chill out after long day of eating and shopping. Bonus: if you sit near the top of the park you'll get some great views of the city. 

The Mission Murals

A MUST SEE - that is all that needs to be said. So glad we stumbled upon this little alley way of art, I was truly amazed.


Get in my Belly!


Four Barrel Coffee

I am not even a big coffee drinker but dang was that latte good. But in all honesty I was more impressed with the pistachio raspberry croissant - c'est magnifique! 

If you are in the Mission, it's a must try. 

The Chowder Hut

Four words - "Best Fish Taco Ever!" I could not resist devouring these bad boys. A great spot right in the middle of the wharf if you are in the mood for greasy food and little people watching (p.s. not creepy).




After a nice greasy meal I wasn't going to stop, thankfully there was a doughp cookid dough shop (haha see what I did there 😏). 

Out the Door

I finally put all those hours of watching food network to use, thanks to Andrew Zimmern. A yummy little Vietnamese spot in the ferry building that did not disappoint. You gotta try the Chicken Curry😋! 


Wish I could have seen and more important ate more, but there is always next time.