Girls Trip: Paris Itinerary

Most graduates ask for fancy cars, money or who knows what but when it came time to discuss grad gifts, the one and only thing I could think of was a trip with my mom. ( I know kinda corny) I think she was more surprised to hear it than anyone else was. After weeks of deliberation and we finally bought the tickets ... PARIS!

So in the midst of all my excitement and need to micromanage I came up with an awesome and almost perfect itinerary for our 6-day stay. 


Not ashamed to be a tourist to the fullest degree, so we are starting out with the basics. It will be a day packed with far too many museums - Musée d'Orsay, Musée Rodin, and , with a possible Eiffel tour visit considering we are staying right around the corner. Honestly, the only museum we are most excited for does not have much art being it's the Musee du Vin. 


My many nights admiring a new Walking Dead episode have finally paid off. I think day 2 just might be my favorite day yet. Not many people would be down to visit the Catacombs but it was number one on both mine and my mom's Paris bucket list. To make up for all that doom and gloom we are finishing off the day at traditional Moulin Rouge - get ready for the cabaret!


Couldn't visit Paris without seeing Château De Versaille especially with the number of historical shoes I am obsessed with. We are taking the morning train to spend the day in the gardens, Trianon Palaces, and Domaine de Marie-Antoinette


It's about time I got to the food part of Paris. So this time around I do have a couple of places I would love to try along the way, so I will be sure to recommend the ones I absolutely loved. I meantime we are going on the ultimate food tour throughout Paris - getting the chance to taste the best pastries, cheeses, and more. I couldn't be more excited! Hate to say this but the fact that we are eating as much as humanly possible makes me less excited to see the Musée du Louvre, but don't get me wrong I am an art fan just as much. 

DAY 5 & 6

After a crazy packed first couple of days, it is time to take a breather and chill out for little. So for the last two days, we are taking the time to stroll through the Place des Vosges, Rue Montorgueil Neighborhood, maybe even see the Musée Carnavalet. Finally, a nice lunch or dinner by the Seine River.

Like any mother and daughter, we may suffer from a fight here or there but who knows we might make these trips an annual thing. Let me know what trips you wanna take next or if you have any recommendations on what else to see - no itinerary is set in stone. 

P.S. Watch out for my favorite restaurants and sights when I get back. 

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