Don't Break the Bank: D.I.Y. Vanity Mirror Tutorial

Before moving into my first apartment, I would sit on Google, Pinterest, and Instagram for hours on end looking for some decor inspiration. After many hours I found the most beautiful vanity - it was tall, embroidered, lit with bright white lights, but unfortunately, it also came with a hefty price tag.

Instead of sulking over a piece I could never have, I figured I would make my own! Here's how I did it:

What you need:

  1. A mirror - roughly 22” x 28” or however you want

  2. LED lights

  3. A desk to set the mirror (optional)

  4. Hooks to hang (optional)


Step One: Where do you want your mirror? I decided to set mine up against the wall on top of my desk. This made the manual labor significantly less, and the whole thing a bit cheaper. I got my mirror from Target for less than $30!

Quick tip: If your mirror is slipping, just add a strip of hot glue to the bottom to keep it from moving ;) 


Step Two: Get some lights! I found the perfect set on Amazon - ten LED lights for roughly $50. This may seem a little steep, but they came with secure double-sided tape and a smart touch light dimmer.

Step Three: Assembly. One light set was a little too short to all the way around the mirror, so I excluded the bottom portion. I placed three lights along the shorter sides and four along the top, all equal distances apart.


As for the light switch, with the help of a little command stick, I stuck it right on the edge of my desk. Makes it easier to find and keeps it from falling all the time.

Quick Tip: If the chord is too long between lights, wrap them around one or both lights a couple of times until you get your desired length. 


Voila! There you have it the perfect vanity for under $100. Now you will always have the perfect lighting for doing your makeup or just a mirror selfie.

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