My Drugstore Skincare Routine

I have tried everything from $60 facials to $1 ones and found that a lot of my skincare routine was created through trial and error. I had always thought you had to have the nicest products to have the nicest skin, but that doesn’t have to be the case. The drugstore is my holy grail when it comes to all my skincare products, here are just a few of the products I love and trust.


A light cleanser in the morning

Simple cleansing water is a trick I have to admit I stole from none other than Ms. Jackie Aina herself. Although I did refrain from deep cleanser in the morning, after using cleansing micellar water by Simple my skin feels cleaner without removing those necessary oils.


My go-to face deep cleanser

I am a huge fan of a cleanser that can do it all this is why I love Clean & Clear’s advantage 3-in-1 cleanser. Since I do struggle with tough acne spots around my T-zone the addition of benzoyl peroxide keeps the pesky bumps at bay.


The Toner I live by

After a day of heavy makeup on and a long day of work Pixi’s toner helps revitalize my skin. All it takes is a bit with a cotton swab to get rid of any excess dirt and grime from the day, that he would like my cleanser was not able to pick up.  


Exfoliate with a sugar scrub

Charcoal dual-action sugar scrub is my absolute favorite when it comes to getting rid of dead skin. The scrub warms as you gently rub it into the skin and leaves your skin soft to the touch. I would recommend this to anyone who is struggling with pesky dark spots.


Always stay hydrated

This may seem a little odd, but I am a huge fan of cocoa butter especially for my skin. I often find myself with very dry spots in certain areas and the Beauty 360 vitamin E cream does a great job of hydrating my skin and keeping the under-eye circles at bay.

When it comes to picking your routine, don’t rely on the reviews and gurus all the time - try what you think might work for you. Honestly, you will be a bit surprised at what you find.

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