What is your favorite place to shop? When it comes to clothes, you probably could think of a million and one places. But when it comes to make up, two immediately spring to mind for me – Ulta and Sephora. Of course these aren’t the only two options but they’re quite easily two of the best. So what makes them so special? Is it their products, prices, or their amazing services? And which one is your favorite?


Products Offered


Ulta is a great place to find products for your every need, from face to hair. They hold many of the drugstore and household name brands that you love, along with other great brands you may not be familiar with like Dermablend, IT Cosmetics and many more. It has become a one stop shop where you can get the best makeup, hair accessories, and face products all in one place.


Sephora also has its perks with its collection of all the top brands from Benefit to Dior. They  tend to be a little more pricy, however you will never be disappointed in the quality of products.


Either store can easily accommodate any of your makeup needs, even when trying to push pennies. With their individual cosmetic lines Sephora and Ulta carry some of the must-haves for everyday looks. You wont have to look too far to find that perfect dupe for a lipstick, highlighter, or even foundation for just the right price.




It becomes difficult to compare Ulta and Sephora prices since they both carry a variety of products. If you’re looking to save money, Sephora can be a bit pricy with their higher end brands. On the other hand, Ulta carries a wide range of drugstore brands which makes it a little easier to buy what you need without breaking the bank. Although Ulta offers these affordable brands don’t be fooled – they also carry many of the high-end brands that we all love. Just remember, the higher ends brands they have have little to no difference in pricing compared to Sephora contrary to popular belief. So when it comes to saving your money it may be the brand that you need to reconsider – not the place you are shopping.




Now, not all of us are pros when it comes to makeup artistry and if you do not feel comfortable showing off your skills for a big a event just yet, Sephora offers great services. Along with a full service beauty make over and product match, they offer mini tutorials on everything makeup. You can go in during pre-scheduled classes on contouring or simply walk in when you feel like learning how do a fierce brow. I myself have attend many of their classes learning pro techniques about color correcting, natural makeup, and skincare that others may pay hundreds of dollars for.


It’s no surprise that Ulta also offers full face makeup application similar to Sephora, but where the two differ is with hair. A full service salon is at every Ulta. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Sounds amazing right?! I have yet to find another cosmetic store that offers cut and color along with my favorite kind of mascara and eyeliner. I wish getting ready for events was always this easy, because running around on Prom day was not the best idea for makeup or hair.


There are so many things to consider when deciding which one is my favorite, but honestly I don’t think I can choose. Sephora and Ulta offer such different things I may have to break the rule this time and say that they’re both my favorites. I mean why shop at just one when you can shop at them all?

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