From Drab to Fab - Two Piece Skirt Set

I came into this summer hoping to hone my DIY skills and explore my creative side, especially in fashion & beauty. What better way to start than to pimp out your own closet?  I’ve done a smidge of repurposing in my day, but never one that required so much work or effort. Mending the occasional ripped shirt is not that difficult of a task, so to test my skills I thought I would start off with a simple skirt and top transformation.


Some of you may be thinking: “My, this skirt is not drab at all” and I definitely agree with you! It’s a beautiful skirt, , but not quite my style. I managed to pick this up from a friend of mine while she was clearing out for the summer. She had no idea what to do with a brand-new Zara skirt left by the previous resident. So being the good person that I am, I couldn’t let something so cute go to waste. In order to spruce it up a little, I'm going to take this office ready pencil skirt to a summertime fine two-piece. And this is just how I did it.


All it took was a little hem to the skirt from mid-calf length to a couple of inches above the knee. I pressed and used an invisible hem to give a clean edge look.

With such a length difference I was left with more than 35” of fabric. To keep from wasting yet again, I created a simple bandeau to match.

A simple nude lining and some buttons for accent made this top absolutely adorable.

Here is the final look!

FashionAmeyna Jackson